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Imaginary Ones

Samsung x Imaginary Ones Plushie

Samsung x Imaginary Ones Plushie

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This exclusive Samsung x Imaginary Ones plushie is reserved for only the Samsung SG & Imaginary Ones campaign winners.

Each winner can only redeem 1 plushie. Each plushie comes with a special surprise that you can use in the Bubble Rangers game! 

For the winners, please follow these steps.

  1. Add this plushie to your cart
  2. Use your unique redemption code on the checkout page for a 100% discount
  3. Input your contact details and address
  4. Place the order

We cover all shipping fees.

For additional information on the redemption, please read our redemption FAQs.

For everyone else, this plushie is strictly not for sale. Any purchase made without the unique redemption code will be voided, and the purchase amount will be refunded back to your source of payment in full.

Note: We do not ship to PO boxes in the USA. Additionally, we are not responsible for redelivering prizes if you cannot receive them after multiple delivery attempts. 

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